Values & policy

Getting better every day

We want to fully satisfy agreed customer requirements. Each employee contributes to achieving the quality objectives and has a high awareness of the quality standards. We are committed to continually improving all processes. As a respected SME, we make sure that we meet our responsibilities in the areas of business, the environment and quality standards and comply with all national laws and regulations.

One of our many contributions to the environment: we generate up to 20% of our own electricity requirements using our photovoltaic system.

Unsere Unternehmenspolitik

Zertifikat Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft

Zertifikat Umweltmanagementsystem

Zertifikat Qualitätsmanagementsystem I

Zertifikat Qualitätsmanagementsystem II

Zertifikat Freiwilliger Kilmaschutz und Energieeffizienz

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